The Dawn of Smartphone market was initially dominated by BlackBerry with its model Quark 6230 in 2003. Later in 2007 when Apple launched its flagship smartphone – iPhone which gave access to users for not only calls and text messages, but also to check E-mails and browse web pages.  By continuing the hit of the smartphone Apple officially launched App Store in 2008, which created trend for various consumer based applications such as eBay, NY times, and Tips calculator. Since then it started to influence every Business industries as Enterprise Mobile Applications. As watching Healthcare sector transforming and by 2017 it is projected to be a 26 Billion Dollar Industry.


Now do you think Digital Health is our future? Yes, we believe in that. As world is transforming everything to digital, Absolutely this is possible with proper research and development. As per recent analysis, 33% of iPhone customers use healthcare mobile apps to manage their diet and fitness. At present there are 100,000+ healthcare applications registered on App Store in various categories such as Fitness, Weight management, Consulting and Pregnancy. These Apps are downloaded by 4 Million users a day. However, only 12% of fitness and diet category applications are accounted for 3.5 Million downloads per day. This shows the demand for a fitness and diet app in the market and customers are craving to have a self-care assistance in their pocket.


User Interests on Smartphone make them to monitor their health easily through Mobile Applications. Focusing on the advantages of Mobile Health it gives people a comfort zone by showing reports and push notifications of relevant tips and tracking of all their activities. Also Physicians started to use it for consulting and believe Mobile Health technologies can improve patient’s health and assure that communication is far better than before. In total 2.6 Billion Smartphone users 52% of users gather health related information on their phones. So Voila this is going to be the future.


In Mid 2016 the Celiac Association (CCA) approached W2S Solutions for an evidence-based

strategies to help people to optimize their digestive health through Mobile Application. As the Healthcare Mobile app development experts with the help of their knowledge and research we join hands to build My Healthy Gut for iOS Platform.


The every technological feature in the application are more precise and tailor made by our iPhone apps development team.  Once we registered the application in the App store we are motivated by the health care application users with their fruitful reviews. This keeps us fueling to think outside the box to create milestone in the Mobile Health Future.

With our years of experience in this domain we help Healthcare Entrepreneurs to solve their mystery by our technology spells.


We always believe Mobile Health will exile world to be more fitter. By having the significant knowledge in Mobile health we understand entrepreneurs ideas without any briefs. We stand unique by our value added services and guaranteed support for our customers through our Mobile and Web Applications. Bring in your ideas and we support building an app for you.



As Technology has covered every business sector, It also never missed Healthcare. With an upcoming New Year Health Care has its own plans ahead with lot of new innovative solutions. Read here for more valuable insights.